Welcome to BYS Coaching with Peter Brodie. I help Consultants, Coaches, and Trainers get more clients. 

The Book Yourself Solid® core philosophy is to guide service-oriented business owners to enjoy marketing and gain great results from business development activity. I have been personally trained and certified by the best selling author Michael Port to coach the Book Yourself Solid® system and I'm one of the very few certified coaches based in the UK. Having managed several large global management consultancies I have used this experience to adapt the system specifically for the consulting and coaching arena. 

This revolutionary system has helped over 500,000 business owners in the last decade to get more clients and enjoy more success. 93% of the small business coaching clients who have implemented the Book Yourself Solid® system have increased their clients by over 34% and increased their revenues by 40% in the first year.

The benefits you could gain from investing in this programme might include...

  • To work directly for your own ideal clients. Organisations and people who energise, inspire and value you. Most importantly, clients who allow you to do your best work.
  • To reduce the amount of subcontract associate work you perform for other consultancies if you are freelance, and increase your work directly with clients.
  • To raise your fee rates  and increase your revenues
  • To reduce the stress, you endure (no more feast and famine) because you'll be booked solid with clients that value you.
  • To reduce your utilisation rate; as your fee rates increase your need to work every day will decrease.
  • To gain more free time to do other things you enjoy, perhaps more family time, holidays, hit the gym, or simply having a day off to decompress.

The BYS Coaching approach is structured into five main modules...

  • To build a solid foundation - so you can identify, talk to, and work with your ideal clients. Clients who inspire you, and for whom you do your best work
  • To build trust and credibility - so potential clients regard you as a likeable expert in your field
  • To set perfect prices and hold simple sales conversations  - so you can have productive and authentic sales conversations, where both of you feel like you are getting a good deal 
  • To promote your services  - so you are relevant and interesting, and able to build trust over time.
  • To build a plan for success - so you can include all of your new business development tools and techniques in a pragmatic way - and get booked solid quickly.

The Book Yourself Solid® System is based both on philosophical and practical principles. A philosophical principle is that there are some people who you are meant to serve and others not so much. Our job is to do everything we can to reach the people we are meant to serve. One of the practical principles is that marketing does NOT get you clients. It simply creates awareness about who you are and what you have to offer the world. It's what you do from the time people become aware of what you offer until the time that they buy that gets you clients.

In essence, Book Yourself Solid® is a comprehensive system that will teach you strategies to create awareness, and what to do from that moment on until when your ideal clients buy what you have to offer - this is what gets you booked solid.

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