Do you need to improve your ability to sell professional services? 

No matter what questions you have, the lessons in this book will help. The BYS framework is not a mechanical system to be blindly followed. It is a structure to be filled and populated with your unique skills, experience and personality - to be yourself.

With a little help from this book, you can promote and sell your services in a genuine and authentic manner. Wouldn’t it be nice to sell your services without selling your soul?

The book provides a practical approach that works. It’ll guide you to build your brand, construct credibility, and position your pricing. The method talks you through how to manage your marketing, so clients approach you for help, rather than you chase them.

You’ll learn how to have relaxed yet powerful sales conversations. Straight forward practical guidance follows on how to prepare compelling proposals, and of course, how to win the work.

The framework also sets out how to plan and manage your progress, draw on your personal power to stay focused and motivated, and finally how to appreciate the adventure. There’s no point doing all this unless you are enjoying yourself, right?